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IP asset creation and investments

We are entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges.

Of all innovators, early stage startups are the most vulnerable to mismanagement of their key intellectual property and the potential loss of potentially valuable rights. Every startup is short on resources and time – there is no exception. It is unfortunately the case that as everyone in the startup is entirely focused on getting another customer, raising another round of funding, or closing another deal. That’s the only way for a startup to survive and succeed. There is almost no opportunity for a startup to have the internal attention, expertise, or the time to adequately consider their long term IP strategy, and to make the best decisions within the resource limitations they have. By taking on the IP side of their business and by assuring mistakes that lead to permanent loss of valuable IP are avoided, we give startups the piece of mind and confidence that as they succeed their IP portfolio will be there to bolster the company’s commercial success.

Armada reviews the startup’s business and products, and identifies the differentiators that can successfully be protected by a judiciously built IP portfolio. Not every innovation is worth spending resources to try to patent, and not every innovation may be a patentable invention. By focusing on those key intellectual property assets that can be adequately protected within the current workings of the patent law, we assure that the scarce resources of the startup are spent where it makes sense.

We are able to provide financing to those startups whose business or products are heavily reliant on their intellectual property and whose enterprise value is strongly correlated by their IP portfolio.