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This is our inaugural blog entry. We have launched Armada IP Capital to close the expertise and financing gap that hinders many innovative companies, startups, and university tech transfer offices from commercializing their innovations and benefiting from the fruits of their inventions. Following the founding and growth of one of the premier IP financing firms in the US over the last five years, we are embarking on this new venture to expand our reach into the vibrant innovator community and to build the preeminent IP management and financing firm.

As the founder of the firm, I am penning this initial blog entry with anticipation and pride. In our leadership team and in the extended advisory board we combine expertise in technology, patent law, finance, and management of IP – without all of which one can not succeed in building and managing a portfolio of inventions. Our aim will be to work with tireless innovators of our economy to assure that they spend their resources wisely in the generation as well as the protection of technology and product innovations.

I look forward to an exciting first year of operation and a lot of hard work that will make a difference for innovators.

Fatih Ozluturk
Founder, Managing Principal


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