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About Us

About Us


Our Philosophy

Armada exists to fill the expertise and capital gap that many innovators have to overcome when they are inventing, building, and defending their technology and products. We have created Armada as a platform to provide expert advice and management of IP assets, and to provide capital when needed.

We believe that success in creating valuable technology, products, and IP requires deep expertise in technology, finance, as well as intellectual property. We started Armada to bring together all of the elements of success.

  • We are technologists with a long track record of creating commercially valuable technology and products.
  • We are financial professionals with specific experience in the finance of innovation.
  • We are patent practitioners and inventors ourselves with hundreds of inventions to our names that have been successfully commercialized.

A Word From Our Leadership

We have started Armada as a platform to help innovators by addressing two very basic needs, namely expertise and capital. Virtually all innovative companies and universities, except for the largest few, are at a disadvantage when it comes to sophisticated IP expertise needed to protect their innovations and to maintain their competitive edge. The vast gap in expertise and capital that exists between the largest companies and the smaller innovators is what we aim to remedy.

Priorities and needs of innovative companies are something that we are very familiar with, as we are entrepreneurs and inventors ourselves. We cherish the values of respect and admiration for ingenuity, fairness, hard work, and trust.

Fatih Ozluturk, PhD
Founder / Managing Principal